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Better SEO in Charleston: Article Submission

To the average small business owner, many search engine optimization practices look a little unusual. Why, for example, is it so important to have a blog and active social media sites to boost SEO?

Charleston business owners don’t have to become computer experts to promote their websites, but it does help to know how each practice–including article submission–contributes to great search results.

Expanding Your Footprint

Your business’s reach on the Web should extend further than the pages of your website. Links from social media pages, shares and likes, and articles published on other websites all show that your site has high value for readers. Submitting an informative article to an article directory site benefits your SEO for Charleston Google searches. There are a few guidelines to keep in mind, though—an article that is simply thrown together and has little real value will do nothing to boost your website.

Gaining a Reputation

Google will ignore or even penalize your articles if they are poorly written or blatantly self-promoting. But there’s a far more important reason for publishing interesting, helpful, expert articles: readers will enjoy them, share them with others, and investigate more about your company. All of that activity promotes your website with very little effort or expense on your part.

Long-Term Results

A great position on a search result page is an immensely valuable asset, and you don’t achieve it by simply publishing your website! Like anything of value, it takes a fair amount of work to win. Article submission on a regular basis is part of that work, along with other efforts in SEO. Charleston businesses interested in raising their profile online should contact us to talk about our services, which include high quality content posted both on your website and submitted to external sites.

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