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A new approach to Charlotte NC SEO—Integrating Social Media and SEO

Search engine optimization and social media are becoming one.

Effective Charlotte NC SEO requires that organic optimization and social media converge. As more people spend longer periods of time on social media sites, the search engines have taken notice.  Recent algorithm (ranking formula) changes are paying more attention to social media websites such as Facebook, and correspondingly analyzing how these unique pages and their activities correlate to a website’s own keyword branding strategy.

A Website by Itself doesn’t cut it anymore.

These days, a website needs to have an integrated blog, professional Facebook page, Twitter account, etc… all working in tandem in order for the company/organization to be perceived as a forward thinking and technologically proficient. At PalmettoSoft, our Charlotte NC SEO firm guides our customers with an integrated, high level strategy which continually brings new customers in—and strengthens relationships with the current base. If you have not figured it out yet, search engine optimization is used to bring them in the door, and social media is utilized to maintain and enhance customer relations.

How is it done?

Normally, our Charlotte NC SEO company integrates a WordPress blog or similar technology—and this software is either fully integrated within the website, or is ‘stand alone’ and features its own keyword rich domain name. Blog entries need to be around 400 words (or more) and feature a keyword density of 1.5-2.0% for every 100 words. Anchor text links are used (typically 3) at the beginning, middle and ending of the article and they all link to the same targeted page. Don’t forget your targeted keyword in the blog title, either. Depending on the competiveness (number of search results) for the targeted keyword, more or less blog posts are needed in order to boost the rankings. Basically, the search engine algorithm is seeing a lot of targeted, keyword specific content that links to each other. If you were an unethical or “quick strike” business website, you probably would not be going through all the “best practice/White Hat SEO” trouble to enhance your rankings. Our Charlotte NC SEO company uses only best practice techniques and this guarantees long term stability on the search results.

What about Facebook and Twitter?

Once your blog entry is posted, you can update your Facebook status with the same link. If this seems a bit redundant, it is. However, you are essentially integrating your website and social media efforts and the search engines tend to reward you for taking the time to do it the right way. Once Facebook, is updated, go ahead and select the “Like” button as the engines will notice…and if you have some friends who are not doing anything at the time, have them “Like” your post as well.  The main point of this exercise is to post your blog entry on Facebook and get as many “Likes” as you can. In addition, your Twitter account should be setup to automatically receive your Facebook posts, so that makes managing the account a minimal time activity.

Thank you for reading another blog post from our Charlotte NC SEO firm and we look forward to the possibility of working with you.

About the Author: Rhett DeMille, the owner PalmettoSoft LLC, is a leading search engine optimization consultant located in the Charlotte NC area.

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