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10 Trending Email Marketing Strategies for 2021

10 Trending Email Marketing Strategies for 2021

People have always assumed the email campaigns are too old school, boring, and annoying. Some even have a strong association to emails with receiving unwanted spam or money stealing scams. However, we’re here to tell you that email campaigns can be useful and even give your business a boost. If you’re still unconvinced HubSpot has some very compelling data that might make you change your mind:

  • Email users amount to 3.9 billion, calculating even 1% of the yields at least three to four million users.
  • By sending out at least 3-5 campaign emails in a week, marketers would get a return of 760% increase in revenue
  • Marketing surveys have found that 59% of customers admit that receiving marketing emails sometimes influences their purchases

Email marketing might not be everyone’s cup of tea but it has its benefits shown above. It only takes the correct combination of creativity, good marketing, and timing. Let’s walk through ten popular strategies that can kick your email marketing into 2021.

10 Trending Email Marketing Strategies for 2021

1.    Personalization remains a priority

Personalization intends to meet the specific requirements and needs of a user/customer. When a customer sees something that they can relate to, they are more likely to grow attached to the product or brand. This is where you create a connection with your users.

Talk to your email recipients using their name enough not to get them annoyed or sound creepy. Respect the boundaries of your email recipients by not being too excessive with friendliness and set the impression that what you are sending is still a professional email.

To personalize and segment your email list is important and you should have enough knowledge about your customers as well. Analytics will help you define your lists based on categories such as age, location, behaviors, interests, etc.

2.    Create more compelling content

A lasting impression is what you need the most for your email content. This will happen flawlessly only if you were able to analyze your email recipients and give them content that is relevant for them. You should also consider the stage from which customer value journey your recipients belong. That way, you can prevent yourself from creating content that your customers are not ready for.

You should also keep factors such as the visual presentation, content clarity, and tone to work together for your content. You can also add videos, photographs, or tell a story that will keep your recipients interested and will sure to add value to them.

3.    Integration should be constant

One of the trends for this year is to combine email marketing with other channels to obtain better results in your campaigns. One option may be to integrate your social media CTA buttons or hashtags into your newsletters to increase conversion rates and increase your engagement.

For example: you can launch your campaign by a live broadcast through Instagram and you can notify your subscribers through email, this will help you to promote it in a very original way.

The advantage of synchronizing different channels with email marketing is that it allows you to connect emotionally with your audience and create a community on the different platforms they are on. If you can integrate the channel you want, it will be a perfect complement to your content and will make your brand more widely known.

4.    More interactive and visual content

By betting on interactive content, a range of possibilities are opened for customers to live a unique and different experience, here it does not matter only to sell, the formula is that your subscribers are left with their mouths open for the content that you are going to offer them.

Here is a sample email template made using tools like — Removal.AI, as the name implies it’s an online background remover and Pixteller or Canva to create a basic concept of how you want your email to look on the client side. It cost no money to sign up and create basic designs! You may also want to use other marketing content design tools.

Users will be able to easily interact with the content and directly in the message, for example: buying a product, booking an appointment for a particular event, viewing a product’s catalog line through GIFs, podcasts, or informational videos.

All this in order to participate and that the user is involved at the moment in your content. Innovating will be a challenge but you have to learn to create different ways to attract your target audience so that they will discover and explore it. Email marketing needs to create new attractive communication experiences to capture more and better.

To learn more on how to create a strong visual impact for your email campaigns research is needed! Also, you can apply minimalist designs on your email templates to convey your message clearer and make it more content-focus.

5.    User-generated content

UGC is a defined form of textual content, images, audio, and visual that engages the audience. This content will allow you to convert your visitors into customers. This principle motivates the marketer to add content through email marketing, and the content converts the visitor into a customer.

The majority of customers only trust user-generated reviews before ordering a service or product. This is the reason why it is necessary to create content that can easily inform your customers about your products and services, as well as any new visitors.

6.    Responsive interactivity

Reactions to every commercial action are important when businesses are doing email marketing. Email marketing has already and will continue to be used for various functions such as promotions, and makes it easier for suppliers to get the customer to sign up for automatic action.

Latest trends in interactive emails make use of animated buttons and call to action. If available, one can also promote their products in emails through the use of the carousel where multiple products can be featured and highlighted at the same time. Hover effects are another popular way of informing users the products properties without having to overwhelm them with text in the first viewing.

7.    Artificial Intelligence

The term artificial intelligence can scare off any marketer if they are not experienced. AI, i.e. artificial intelligence, is a tool used for the automatic operation of various processes. It supports the type of content that needs to be seen by the targeted customer and also respects the notions of timing. It ensures that the marketing was done at the right time for the right type of visitor or customer.

AI offers the solution to complement the transformation of traditional segmentation processes as well as the latest levels of segmentation so that all marketers are easily able to provide customers with what they want. It can also help email marketers lower the cost of expenses and lead to increased ROI.

8.    New Generation Relationships with Email Marketing

You have to think about the next generation before working on any digital marketing because it is the only trend to come from the digital world. Here are some things marketers know about the next generation that are essential to know.

  • Young people and children today are the first to navigate the digital world of mobile phones, email addresses, and the Internet.
  • They have been familiar with social media since high school.
  • Each year, this generation already spends considerable sums in the digital field.
  • People, especially the current generation, use their smartphones up to ten hours a day. They’re usually on different social media platforms like Twitter and TikTok
  • Young people today spend a considerable amount of time just collecting information through various online platforms.

The reason why we focus on email is that it has been proven that most young people check their email, once or twice or even more per day. They frequent social media platforms a lot but have to look elsewhere for the things that are most important to their future.

9.    Responsive design cannot be missing

The increase in the use of smartphones has meant that content must be adapted and easy to read on any mobile device. For any strategy, it is essential to design your emails in a responsive format, it is proven that those who do it have a higher open rate.

Brands or companies must create their content with responsive designs thinking about the comfort of their users, that is why it is necessary to have a simple but attractive design, with large white spaces to focus on the CTAs. In addition, have images in good resolution and with which users can identify themselves.

10.    Accessibility

Accessibility is necessary nowadays because everyone, even with some physical disabilities, uses the Internet independently. Many websites have already adapted certain features for the visually impaired or physically disabled.

Suppose you also want your emails to be easily viewed by people with disabilities. In this case, you should also use software that will convert your email content to an audio-video version, so that everyone can browse it and get the information you want to convey.

Your Turn…

Even though new technology is constantly introduced to use everyday, email still has stood against the test of time as a stable way of communication. Regardless of our feelings around it, it’s not a bad thing to use it to our advantage.

If we’re going to enter their inbox, we must make sure it’s intriguing and creates an instant connection with our soon-to-be clients. We may have less than a couple of minutes to make an impression, so we better make sure that impression is enough to convert a glance into a click!

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