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Why Is It Important To Hire An Excellent SEO Expert In 2022?

Featured Guest Blogger: Jeremy Peters

Disclaimer message: The guest blogger’s viewpoints are completely their own and may (or not) be reflective of PalmettoSoft.


SEO is one of the crucial factors in building a strong online presence. It drives traffic, increases brand visibility, and boosts ROI. In this guide, you’ll find out why it is beneficial to hire an SEO professional in 2022 and what such an expert can do for your business.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a crucial component in digital marketing and building a strong online presence. It has immense potential in attracting new audiences, growing following, increasing sales, and growing as a business.

That’s why it should not be treated lightly. Partnering with a professional here is essential to create an effective strategy and enjoy quick results. Together with Jooble experts, we’ve created this guide on why you should hire an SEO professional.

Importance of Hiring an SEO Expert

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The Importance of Hiring an SEO Expert in 2022

SEO is essential for ranking on search engines like Google and Bing. It ensures a better user experience on a website and attracts more visitors.

Let’s start with some impressive statistics that illustrate the power of SEO:

  1. According to BrightEndy research, 68% of online experiences start with a search. This is the vast majority of all traffic;
  2. Another study by Sistrix shows that first place on the Google results page brings 34.2% CTR (click-through rate);
  3. SEO ROI is between 5x and 12x, as Terakeet states. The same source claims that SEO-powered traffic is 5 times higher than PPC campaigns and 10 times higher than social media;
  4. Business Insider states that 23.6% of all US eCommerce purchases started from a search;
  5. According to Search Engine Journal, 49% of marketers claim that SEO brings the highest ROI of all marketing channels.

Not utilizing SEO means a lot of lost opportunities. And although anyone can learn SEO with some time, effort, and practice, it is not the same as partnering with an expert. Any competency comes with a lot of knowledge and first-hand experience and SEO is no exclusion from that.

Can You Do SEO Yourself?

The short answer is not really. You can do some things, but there is so much more than just keyword research that goes into a successful strategy. Thousands of websites offer similar products, services, or content.

Unless your product or service is unique, it is going to be quite challenging to beat the competition. It doesn’t matter how good your product is if no one can find it and the audience has no idea it exists. Digital marketing and SEO in particular offer the opportunity to increase brand awareness, attract an audience, boost sales, and build long-term relationships with loyal customers.

If you are not knowledgeable in digital marketing, you cannot effectively handle SEO on your own. It includes a lot of factors and variables from search algorithm updates to technical SEO.

Let’s take keywords as a simple example. One might think that finding popular keywords and including them in the content is enough. However, there are several factors to consider here:

  1. Keywords relevance for your business;
  2. How to rank for a particular keyword;
  3. The level of competition for this phrase;
  4. The focus on  long-tail keywords;
  5. Keyword staffing rates;
  6. Building content that is still unique and valuable besides the specific phrases.

All of that requires knowledge, strong research skills, and a deep understanding of the market trends and the industry as a whole.

SEO Functional Groups

Someone who is not experienced in the field might not know all the details that go into SEO performance and strategy. There are several functional groups an expert works with, such as:

  1. Content in terms of quality, uniqueness, research, and keywords. It has to be fresh, relevant and filled with various multimedia components. It needs to deeply cover the topic and answer the search intent. Also, it has to be structured in the most effective and user-friendly way;
  2. Site architecture. This covers crawlability, speed performance, and URLs. It concerns mobile-friendly experience, elimination of duplicates and errors, and well as HTTPS protection;
  3. HTML for titles, descriptions, structures, headings, and AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages);
  4. Link strategy for interlinking and backlinking that endorse site’s credibility, build authority, and increase Google ranking;
  5. Trust with the audience is built via domain authority, engagement, and reputation;
  6. Better user experience. This starts from UX optimization and goes to crafting content for specific audience groups based on location and demographic profile.

An experienced professional knows all about these groups and the factors that influence them, as well as black-hat practices a website needs to stay away from. Only with a comprehensive approach, one can enjoy all the benefits of SEO strategy.

Reasons to Hire SEO Expert in 2022

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Reasons to Hire SEO Expert in 2022

#1. Save Time

As mentioned above, one can become an SEO expert, but it takes a lot of time and practice. If you do not have years to do so, it is much more efficient to delegate the task to an expert.

Professionals know exactly where to start and how to approach market and industry research. They can start optimization right away, which means faster results, a competitive edge, and accelerated business growth.

#2. Comprehensive Strategy

Experts approach optimization with strong background knowledge and experience. They evaluate all the factors from technical performance to search intent relevancy. They use specific software solutions to provide data-driven results.

A digital marketing strategy should be based on research and factual data. There is little place for intuition or vision if it is not backed by a study.

#3. Increased ROI

SEO experts know exactly how to establish a high return on investment. This is done via such benefits as:

  1. More organic traffic;
  2. Increase in conversions;
  3. Comprehensive sales funnel;
  4. Higher Google ranking;
  5. Better content establishes the brand’s authority and offers value to customers.

As is often the case, SEO strategies are much more affordable than paid advertising. At the same time, they offer higher ROI. That’s why it should be prioritized.

#4. You Can Focus on the Core of the Business

Proper management is not about doing everything yourself. It is about delegating tasks to professionals that can perform them better and faster. When you collaborate with an SEO expert, you have more time to focus on the core of the business.

This might mean working on a new product, upgrading the existing solution, or setting new business goals. It also allows everyone to be busy with what they are best at.

#5. Find New Opportunities

SEO experts know your target audience, but they can also find new opportunities for a business. With research on the market, demographics, and content/product gaps, they can offer valuable advice. This might be in terms of a new market, a new niche, or an underrepresented demographic group.

For example, the competitor study might show that there is a specific demand that other providers didn’t address. Or maybe you can target a particular group of audience with a more personalized and unique experience.


Hiring an SEO expert is a must for any business that has a digital presence. It is the most effective way to increase ROI, sales, and conversions. It ensures brand visibility and a higher ranking on search engines. And working with a professional allows enjoying all the benefits SEO provides while you focus on the core of your business.

Author Bio

Jeremy Peters is a digital marketing specialist and copywriter. He focuses on SEO, online marketing, and effective strategies for increased business growth.

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