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What Is SEO Copywriting And How It Can Improve Your Business

Featured Guest Blogger: Brian Dordevic

Disclaimer message: The guest blogger’s viewpoints are completely their own and may (or not) be reflective of PalmettoSoft.


Expanding your audience and building a special connection with it is vital for securing the growth of your online business. The most popular approach for reaching more internet users is through optimizing your website content to achieve better rankings in search engines and deliver the right message to your target audience. That’s where SEO copywriting comes into the spotlight.

In this article, experts from Alpha Efficiency will tell us what SEO copywriting is and how it can improve your business. They will also provide a few tips for writing SEO-friendly copy for your website.

What Is Seo Copywriting?

SEO copywriting is the process of writing content that helps your business rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). It can improve your website’s visibility and traffic, which can lead to increased sales. Besides being able to craft a convincing combination of words, SEO copywriters also need to have at least basic search engine optimization knowledge. It allows them to write content that will rank better on Google and other popular search engines.

Three Ways Your Business Could Benefit From Seo Copywriting

Since many people search for products and services online, the importance of SEO copywriting is enormous. Here are just a few ways your business could benefit from a well-optimized website copy:

1. Improved search rankings

If you feel like your business could benefit from increased online visibility and more organic traffic on your website,, you should consider optimizing the content for search engines. There are many ranking factors Google algorithms consider when deciding the order in which pages will be presented to users. That’s why writing just any content will not necessarily get you high rankings. SEO copywriters know how to optimize the content on your website, to make it perform better with both users and search engines. Once your pages start ranking on the first page of Google’s search results, you will notice increased traffic. And more people on your website usually means more sales.

2. Built trust with your target audience

SEO copywriting heavily relies on research of users’ search intents. Intensive preparation will enable you to better answer your visitors’ questions. Providing useful answers to potential customer’s questions and answering all their pain points will help you build trust with your target audience. As more and more people keep coming back to your website for long exploring sessions, you will start noticing improvements in your SEO metrics.

3. Improved conversion rates

By targeting the right keywords and writing a high-quality copy that keeps readers engaged, experienced SEO copywriters will help you increase conversion rates on your landing pages. They also know how to write an attractive Call to Action (CTA), that will help you get your visitors to the next step in your sales funnel.

SEO Copywriting – Best Practices

To write a copy that will perform good in Google and other popular search engines, it is advisable to follow these SEO copywriting best practices:

1. Conduct Keyword Research

Comprehensive keyword research is the first step you should take before writing even a single word for your SEO copy. Think about all the different words people might use to find your services. You can brainstorm keyword ideas, but don’t forget to check different SEO parameters (such as search volume, keyword difficulty, etc.) before you start crafting the final version of your copy. Some of the tools that can help you with keyword research are:

  • Google Keyword Planner
  • SemRush
  • Ahrefs Keyword Explorer
  • KWFinder

2. Write attractive headline

Headlines are usually the first element visitors read on your landing pages.. If you want to grab visitors’ attention, your headline needs to be attractive. There are several types of headlines experienced SEO copywriters like to use:

  • ‘How to’ headlines
  • ‘Reasons why’ headlines
  • Direct headlines

Don’t rush when writing a headline, because it might take you some time to find the right combination of words that intrigues readers. Also, you can conduct A/B testing to see which headline gives better results.

3. Write meta description

Besides writing a website copy, SEO copywriters also need to write great meta descriptions. When writing a meta description for your content, try to clearly explain what your content is about to both search engines and their users. Ensure it contains a focus keyword and its length does not exceed 155-160 characters. Aim to provide valuable information in your meta descriptions, and intrigue visitors to visit your web page to learn more.

4. Keep your target audience in mind

As an SEO copywriter, you need to keep the target audience in mind when writing a website copy. Understanding their search intent and different phases of customer journey will allow you to write a compelling copy that answers their question, and help you lead them through the sales funnel.

5. Ensure content is easy to read

If visitors land on one of your pages and your copy is hard to read, your bounce rates might start rising which will negatively impact your search engine optimization efforts.. To avoid that:

  • Don’t use long text walls: break your content in separate paragraphs and use images to allow visitors’ eyes to rest. This approach will also allow you to emphasize certain sentences by putting them at the beginning of a paragraph.
  • Structure your headers: Headers are usually the first thing people read once they arrive on your website. Having a clear heading structure will help you smoothly guide them through the whole landing page.
  • Use short sentences: Try to break a longer sentence into short ones.
  • Use your target audience’s language: the best SEO copywriters know the importance of mirroring your target audience’s thoughts. One of the biggest mistakes you can make when writing a copy is trying to sound too smart. Not only will it be hard for visitors to read a copy that uses words that are not part of their vocabulary, but it might also prevent you from building trust with your potential customers.
Brian Dordevic

Author Bio

Brian is a true visionary and a strategist. He identifies the overlooked business opportunities, and finds the most cost effective solutions for Alpha Efficiency’s clients. His past times includes reading, creating content and focus on fitness and well being.

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