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Top Features to Lookout for Your E-commerce Website Design

Featured Guest Blogger: Jone Muller

Disclaimer message: The guest blogger’s viewpoints are completely their own and may (or not) be reflective of PalmettoSoft.


It is tough to rapidly orient and grasp how the website must look to have a good impact on the owner’s income while developing an online business. It impacts whether customers will stay on the store’s page, have faith in the store, and want to make a purchase. But, what exactly does “the top-notch e-Commerce web design services TX” stand for? When it comes to page design, there are no hard and fast rules; it all depends on the unique qualities of every store and its target audience. There are, however, some approaches that work for everyone. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of e-Commerce website design ideas for 2022 that will entice customers to make a return.


Simplicity must be a goal in a nice design, and it doesn’t have to come at the cost of elegance. In fact, according to studies, the most significant feature of a website is its simplicity of use, which is cited by 76 percent of consumers. The goal is to assist customers to get to what they need quickly and without getting bogged down in extra complications that might slow down the purchasing process.
By giving shopping categories, filters, and comparison features, you can improve the user experience. Consider the following to make your e-commerce site more user-friendly:

  1. Enhance search functionality with different features
  2. Create a visual navigation system that works effectively
  3. Create Pre-populate forms

Instead of being a hassle, e-commerce sites should be a competitive benefit.

Mobile-Friendly Website

Mobile-friendly purchasing accounts for half of all internet purchases. With responsive web design services TX, content seamlessly adapts to whatever device is using it to offer the most user-friendly experience. Intelligentsia also enhanced the purchasing experience via mobile phones, leading to a 16 percent growth in mobile purchases. It creates no difference if you have millions or three product pages. Offering your buyers with a mobile-friendly experience will enhance revenue and also your rankings.

High-Resolution Photos & Video

The days of displaying a single image with a few bulleted points and a price tag are long gone. Shoppers like to see the product from several perspectives and individuals using it in various settings. They would want to zoom in on the product. Image technical considerations are essential. According to Adobe, images that don’t load or take forever to load have a 39 percent drop-off rate. Multiple images per product should be displayed on e-commerce websites. High-resolution optimized images for page load are necessary.

User-Generated Reviews

Approximately 95% of customers tend to read customer reviews. And 57% of customers will only choose a company if it has four or more ratings. You could believe that unfavorable reviews are a deal-breaker. The inverse is true. Negative reviews can often be beneficial. It has been proven that products with no negative reviews are perceived as censored, leading customers to believe the favorable ratings are fake.
E-commerce sites can incorporate plugins from the most prominent review systems, depending on their capabilities. Reviews as user-generated content are being used by forward-thinking e-commerce businesses to boost social proof and build loyal customers.

Special Offers

Most e-commerce businesses use special offers as part of their usual marketing strategies, such as email, social media, and text messages. The valuable real estate in the header area is used by next-level e-commerce companies to promote exceptional offers. When customers discover they’re receiving a good price, they’re more likely to purchase more and invest more time looking around the site. If e-commerce businesses use continuing promotions, creating a dedicated web page that lists the deals would not only increase sales but also help with SEO.

Wish Lists

What could be better than having customers save items they want and are likely to purchase in the future? In addition, a remarketing campaign is also a chance to introduce a brand to new customers. When customers share their wish lists with people like their family and friends, they are sending free traffic to a website with built-in social proof.

Related Items

An e-commerce site’s ‘Related Items’ function creates the desired stickiness impact that lots of online marketers strive for. Similar product categories to comparing shops, “customers who bought this product also searched for,” and so on are examples of related items.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When buying things online vs in person, complex purchases need trust in the supplier and precise information. An additional information part answers frequently asked information and questions, establishing credibility and increasing buyer confidence. Customers frequently ask about item returns, support, and forgotten account passwords. FAQ sections also work as a self-help resource for typical buyers’ problems.

Security Features

Cybercriminals may find e-commerce websites to be an appealing target. Online merchants must safeguard client data and take precautions to maintain privacy. Consider the following e-commerce security features:

  1. Create secure connectivity between a buyer and the platform. Before entrusting your personal information to an online marketplace, check HTTPS and a green lock sign in the address bar. Choose an SSL certificate provider with name recognition.
  2. With a username/password along with a system-generated code provided through email or text, it gives an extra level of protection.
  3. Offer a pathway or wall between two networks and allow authorized traffic while blocking malicious traffic.
  4. Website’s privacy policies that will assure customers that their personal details will not be given to third parties.

Advanced Payment Options

Advanced payment methods are a must-have option for an e-commerce platform in the era of Apple Pay and PayPal. There are also plenty of popular online payment methods to choose from. Understanding who the customer is and applying the most effective solutions are the keys to success. Also, make sure to clarify why your website limits payment alternatives. If your buyers are tech-savvy and prefer this mode of payment, it’s essential to be upfront about why it isn’t an option. This openness establishes the brand’s understanding of its customers and develops trust.

Detailed Shipping Information

The most common reason for shopping cart turnover is surprising shipping fees. It’s also a good idea to provide the estimated delivery time and alternatives for quicker delivery. The usual shipping zones for outside countries should be listed on websites. Interestingly, when free delivery is offered, customers spend 30% more on each order. If possible, ensure to cover free shipping codes in the header navigation on all pages of the platform.

Multi-Touchpoint Contact Page

Nothing establishes confidence faster than an openly clear and well-presented “contact us” function on an e-commerce site where the majority of business is done online. This is particularly true when it comes to marketing high-end or technical items. Never make it difficult for a buyer to contact you or request assistance.

Return Policy

Any e-commerce web design services TX should have a return policy. Your return policy must be well illustrated and easily visible. Another element of internet selling that builds trust is this policy. It assures customers that if they are dissatisfied or require a new size, the company will assist them.

Author Bio

Jone Muller is working as a web designer in Texas, United States. He have been in this field for 5 years.

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