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Think Like a Machine: Why SEO in Charleston Will Always Be Important

Many a small business owner has posted a homemade website, waited a few weeks, and then wondered why his site didn’t appear in the first five listings when he searched for his specific services

on Google. After all, how many cupcake boutiques can there be in one city? Shouldn’t his website automatically appear at the top of a search for the keyword “Charleston cupcakes”? The truth, both today and tomorrow, is that without using SEO Charleston business owners will see their websites buried under irrelevant search responses.

Make it Simple

Looking at a computer screen, it is easy to assume that the search engine you are using is capable of human-like levels of reason. But remember that when you search for “Charleston cupcakes,” you are not really saying this:

  • Find me a list, sorted by relevance, of all the places in Charleston where I can find delicious cupcakes.

You are actually saying this:

  • Find me a list of pages that refer to both Charleston and cupcakes, preferably in close proximity to each other and more than once.

If the business owner only mentioned one time on his site’s home page that his shop is in the charming town of Charleston, South Carolina, the search engine will probably not “notice” the site right off the bat. If, however, he recognized that lots of people would be searching for “Charleston cupcakes” when they were in the neighborhood and hungry for a sweet treat, he would include that phrase a few times and the search engine would be delighted to find just what it was looking for.

Not So Simple

Of course, SEO for Charleston businesses is far more complex than that, but the premise of keyword priority is foundational. Web developers sometimes wring their hands over the latest changes to Google’s algorithm (the dizzying set of instructions that the search engine uses to prioritize search results), worried that their sites will have to be completely rewritten in order to compete. But a search engine will never think like a human, and good, solid SEO in Charleston will always be the key to getting the results you want. Contact us today to find out how we can move your website up in the rankings!

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