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Rhett DeMille brings experience and poise to digital marketing.

PalmettoSoft owner Rhett DeMille has been in the marketing industry for 20+ years. His knowledge and flexibility make him one of the company’s greatest assets.

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Rhett DeMille

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One of the first things our customers notice about Rhett is his commitment to superior service. It’s where a lot of PalmettoSoft’s value as a company comes from. He takes the time to really get to know each customer who signs on with PalmettoSoft, including their goals and aspirations for their business, not just because it’s what we need to get them their numbers and hit their targets, but because he truly cares about what makes them get up in the morning to do what they love best.

In addition to his personal interest in each customer, Rhett also brings unique experiences in the marketing and advertising industry to the table. Beginning his career in print media, Rhett has watched the industry grow and evolve with technology. When print media began diminishing in value, he saw an opportunity to continue serving existing customers and reach out to new ones with his design skills and the tech savviness of his team at the time, branching out into website development. As search engine optimization became the new wave of outreach and customer attraction on the Internet, he dedicated himself to learning and growing with the trends. These days, he understands that SEO extends beyond the search bar to social media, pay per click, reputation management, and many other aspects of digital marketing and thought leadership.

Rhett continues to stand on the front lines of the digital field, always prioritizing service over anything else.

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