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How To Boost eCommerce Customer Experience with Magento

Featured Guest Blogger: J Anderson

Disclaimer message: The guest blogger’s viewpoints are completely their own and may (or not) be reflective of PalmettoSoft.


Disappointed customers and falling behind competitors is something one cannot even imagine in their worst nightmares. Businesses, it’s high time you need to keep up with the emerging trends or else you may have a lot to lose. Gone are the days when all you had to do was develop an amazing-looking product and get away with it. Today, even after developing a high-performance and scalable product, the pressure of satisfying your end customers is pretty much intense. So are you planning to hook your potential customer for the long run? Well, the following post is the right place to consider as it emphasizes how to boost the eCommerce customer experience and rise above in this world filled with insurmountable choices.

Define eCommerce Customer Experience

In simple words, it’s all about how you make your end users feel at the end of the day or how they perceive your brand. Now many of you businesses have this misconception that customer experience and customer service are the same. Well, to be extremely precise they are way different. Though both the terms can be used interchangeably.

Customer service is said when you offer relevant assistance to the end customer but customer experience is said as what they perceive for you as a whole. Now eCommerce experience is said when you tend to convert your potential customers to the current ones without losing any at the same time. A good customer experience certainly leads to immense happiness and satisfaction. In fact, in the nick of time, these people can be successfully turned into brand evangelists or advocates.

Of course, the stat is a bit old but it is still worth considering. Your customers are social human beings who do intend to share about their positive and negative experiences. So think this way, the more customers are glued to your website, the more brand ambassadors you will create. Similarly, this works for unhappy customers as well. Your customer experience will surely define how the culture is going and is the company able to withstand economic strains and unpredictable events.

Why does it matter? As mentioned earlier, the power of positive reviews and testimonials shouldn’t be ignored at any rate. And when this happens is when you are able to provide an amazing shopping experience that not just meets their expectations but even goes beyond. Further, I would like to mention certain tips and tricks to take into account regarding boosting your eCommerce customer experience.


Tips to Boost eCommerce Customer Experience

#1 User-friendly website

One of the obvious approaches that must be taken into account is designing a user-friendly website. Building a user-friendly website is more like winning half of the battle. Since users find it easy to navigate and scalable and can deliver a practical eCommerce experience. Those who are visiting your eCommerce store must be able to shop seamlessly and with an immense amount of confidence so that they get things done quickly and without much hassle.

In addition, a user-friendly website also improves the overall conversion rates and eventually sales. The more people find your website the more likely they will buy the product.


What exactly do you think about this image? A total mess right? I mean you won’t even bother looking further and switch quickly towards the competitors. Fortunately, most eCommerce stores aren’t this bad but yes you must understand the difference between features and chaos. In addition to this, make sure that your site doesn’t have a slow speed or lack proper navigation, no product category, no advance filter options, no clear CTA’s, etc.

To combat all these issues, you can try using scaled product images, try minimizing as many redirects as you can and leveraging browser caches.

#2 Free and Fast Shipping Methods

Now tell me when some guest visits your place, what do you do? Do you starve them for food or do you lock them in one room, absolutely not! You take good care of them and let them leave your home happily. Similarly, your customer is your guest, you don’t have to just offer them a seamless buying experience but do offer fast shipping and delivery.

Several stats have revealed that 66% of customers tend to leave the store because there are no flexible shopping options available. So once you start offering fast shipping options, the conversion rate automatically increases and customers will soon be compelled to buy products from your store and benefit from the increasing return on investment.

#3 Mobile Version

The use of smartphones is increasing at a fanatic pace, no two ways about that! Now in this era, where you have a website but no mobile version of it is pure sin. You need to come up with a store that is well-optimized for mobile as well because not doing so means you won’t be catering for half of your potential customers. So what exactly needs to be done?

  1. Make a mobile version
  2. Do not incorporate any kind of heavy content
  3. Have readable fonts and do balance the whitespace
  4. The site’s mobile loading speed must be high

In fact, you can do this by hiring a reliable company that offers a plethora of services in regard to responsive web design. Whether they are using a tablet, a laptop or a smartphone, responsive design will enable them to see the website and explore its products seamlessly.

#4 Ask for more and more customer feedback, Reviews and Ratings

By doing so, what happens is you will be killing so many birds with one arrow. You see when you ask your customers for their relevant feedback and review, you try to make them feel important and special and that feeling will certainly compel them to visit your store again. Apart from that, the feedback received can successfully be used to enhance a particular product or service.

You have to be all ears and listen to their problems carefully and try to rectify things within an appropriate span of time. And of course, you can get more value by listening to what exactly your end user thinks of your product and up to what extent you can enhance services.

#5 Make the most of Social Media

If you are planning to survive in today’s digital era then having a strong social media presence is extremely important. In fact, this is one such platform that has the potential to spread any news like fire in a short span of time. Don’t just preach your business instead begin by creating and sharing relevant content, especially the one that is liked by the end users. Come up with something that can be educational, entertaining and creative at the same time. And do not forget to come up with different ways to increase your followers on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Final Words

Offering the best customer experiences can be a tricky affair but that doesn’t mean it’s not a doable job. For now, you need to understand that unless you don’t enhance the customer experience, your product won’t gain traction no matter how good it seems to be.

Author Bio

J Anderson is a tech enthusiast and a tech consultant. He has done a master’s. He is also a part of various development communities and is an active member of various tech communities. He writes on various topics about Ecommerce, Magento, Shopify, etc.

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