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Best WordPress SEO Techniques for 2021

Featured Guest Blogger: Emma Watson

Disclaimer message: The guest blogger’s viewpoints are completely their own and may (or not) be reflective of PalmettoSoft.


Improvement in WordPress SEO strategy is a major reason to generate leads, boost WordPress sales, and increase traffic!

Undeniably, it is a multi-faceted and complicated process.  Even with many practices meant for creating SEO-friendly WordPress websites, it is tough to keep up!

Therefore, it is vital to see the big picture of WordPress SEO success. For optimizing a WordPress website for more traffic and higher ranking, considering WordPress SEO services is also worth it.

Keeping this in mind, in this article we are presenting to you the actionable tips that could have a positive impact on your search engine ranking.  After implementing these strategies, you can create landing pages, posts, and pages that the search engines will prefer.

Table of Contents

Perform Keyword Research

The days when keyword stuffing was a best practice in SEO are long gone. This practice is not tolerated by Google any more. But we cannot forget that the magic of keywords is still alive.

Google and other leading search engines are still dependent on keywords for higher ranking of websites. That means an SEO strategy needs to be led by intelligent research. There are tools like Google AdWords Keyword Planner that can assist you to find the competitiveness of your terms and offer keyword alternatives to be used in the content.

Google Analytics can also find the most suited keyword to use on your website. WordPress website statistics could also be used to find the right keywords.

It is advised to consider long-tail keywords while carrying out the research. The key phrase could be of a maximum of four words, and the chances of ranking higher with single-word keywords increase.

Install a Strong WordPress SEO Plugin

WordPress is definitely a search engine friendly platform. However, a powerful WordPress SEO plugin can still be advantageous.  All In One SEO (AIOSEO) and Yoast SEO are the best and most intelligent WordPress SEO plugins.

These plugins have functionalities that optimize the WordPress website for leading search engines. In addition to using AIOSEO or Yoast SEO, you can benefit from the snippet optimization tools for the WordPress website. The researchers have found that an intuitive snippet improves the CTR by 5.8 percent.

Broken Links

The reasons for broken links are many.  You might have moved to some other location or deleted the post. Also, you can experience a broken URL after transferring the WordPress site to a new domain. Even just a simple typo results in a broken link.

When search engine bots find the broken link, they will crawl the URL to know if it is broken. It wastes the crawl budget that can be used to index the rest of the WordPress website. Also, the broken link is harmful to the user experience (UX). When the audience cannot access the content they require, they might navigate away from the website, influencing key measures like average session duration.

When the user behavior implies that the website is not offering a positive user experience, it will get reflected in the search engine rankings.

Video and Image SEO

Adding videos and images to the content is the most preferable SEO best practice that is not implemented often. This is unfortunate! Optimized images are responsible for bringing higher traffic from Google Images and similar sources. Videos improve traffic, mentions, links, and more from websites like Tumblr, Vimeo, YouTube, etc.

You must optimize the images for fast loading. It is advised not to use heavy images that will just slow down the website. If you require a 650 x 300 featured image for the next post, upload one which is 650 x 300 and no more. Also assure that images are related to the content. Other than obtaining a better ranking, the image improves the content, their main purpose. Provide the images with suitable file names. Optimizing the images in WordPress is less work. All you have to do is to “Add Media” in the post editor and select the image on the screen that emerges. When the image is chosen, you will notice the areas on the right side that let you add the title, description, caption, and alt. Just concentrate on the “Alt” field and fill in the required fields.

Prioritize Content

Give priority to content! It has to be relevant, valuable, and unique. Other than being a highly prioritized SEO practice, the content is an imperative part of the website. A website with no content is nothing. With content of low quality, it is nothing but a blunt knife. The website with old content is dead to visitors and search engines.

Always remember that SEO does not tolerate content with plagiarism. Google and some other search engines use other types of scripts, termed as spiders or crawlers,    to locate and index the content.

Do not create the content only for search engines, but give priority to visitors. Make the content tailored to them. Use their terminology and create accordingly. Also, if you have carried out the research properly, you should not have any issue including keywords in the content.

Tags and Categories for WordPress Posts and Pages

Tags and Categories are two basic ways to group the WordPress site content. Additionally, you can handle the posts with categories in varied sections. Every WordPress post should have a category, and you can put a single post in different categories.

In the meantime, tags define the posts in a comprehensive manner. The visitor clicks on the tag to check the same type of content. In contrast to other categories, the tags are not mandatory. The categories and tags allow the search engine to better understand the content. Consistent and clear structure of tags and categories makes it simple for the visitors to find the relevant content.

Mobile-Friendly Website

Today’s visitors only prefer the website which can be seen easily on a mobile device. There should not be any need to resize the images or zoom in or zoom out to read the content. When the WordPress website is not mobile-friendly, you will experience a lower ranking as compared to mobile-friendly websites. The visitors also acknowledge that your website is not mobile-friendly before they visit the home page, however, reducing the CTR.

Google advises adopting Responsive Web Design (RWD), the web design method that enables developers to create a website with a mobile-first strategy. The websites created with RWD always appear and function well on every device.

Wrapping Up

Remember, WordPress SEO demands time. You cannot see the results immediately after performing these strategies. However, you need to regularly update the WordPress SEO practice as per the changes the industry demands. It is recommended to follow the established SEO guidelines to avoid penalties.

Have we succeeded in providing great WordPress strategies? Which ones are you using? Share with us in the comment section below.

Author Bio

Emma Watson is a dedicated WordPress CMS developer & technical blogger. Currently she is associated with WordSuccor Ltd – WordPress Development Firm in the USA. She loves to share her knowledge regarding WordPress with others. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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