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Benefits Of PPC Advertising To Achieve Your Business Goals


Digital marketing is an umbrella term that encompasses many techniques and strategies devised to bring in more traffic and conversions for the betterment of your business. People focus on content production, paid ads, and everything that encircles customer engagement to drive more traffic.

The marketing strategy is broken down into two major parts– paid and unpaid. After you comprehend the pros and cons of both, you choose one that will give you the desired results.

In the present pandemic scenario 2021, every business is looking forward to yielding maximum benefit with low-cost advertising options that produce a significant impact. Nowadays, customers are more glued to the internet than anything else. As a result, businesses today are shifting their focus to PPC (pay per click) to bring their business to the forefront.

What is pay-per-click advertising?

PPC or pay per click is a type of online advertising where you pay a small amount of money when someone clicks on your ads. So, you do not spend bucks on ads and banners which you are not sure whether people will see. Instead, you pay only for the traffic generated by the ad you have put up. This is an excellent opportunity for businesses to get their reach, especially if the business is interested in having complete control over their budget and performance. If you are not aware of PPC advertising, you can take the help of any reliable PPC agency.

Some of the most popular platforms of PPC advertising are – Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Microsoft Ads, etc. Amongst all of them, google is considered one of the most valuable platforms for conducting any PPC campaign. To make a PPC campaign work well, businesses have to create an ad in a way that pushes the customer to take valuable action. This action can range from purchasing the product or service to form submission, PDF downloading, etc.

Advantages of PPC advertising

Below are ten points that discuss the effectiveness of PPC advertising and can help your business survive and thrive successfully amidst the pandemic.

#1. Immediate results

Timeliness is one of the most incredible benefits that can be accrued from paid advertising. You can get results immediately with PPC advertising, unlike in unpaid advertising and organic searches. It can be said that almost one-third of the population who use the internet look for local business regularly. So, you can get massive traffic if your link is displayed prominently in the first page of the search results.

#2. Imparts higher website traffic

Besides simply garnering faster results, PPC campaigns also contribute to the traffic that you desire to see on your website. Although paid ads are not directly linked to your website ranking, the overall clicks on your website are increased. As a result, this enhances your site’s user activity or customer engagement. Thus, this contributes to the higher organic rankings of your website.

#3. Thrive even through algorithm changes

When you are working to generate traffic on your website, you must understand that all your competitors are racing against one another. They all have the same aim of getting to Google’s coveted position zero. This makes it essential for you to concentrate and combine all aspects together to improve your page ranking.

After creating the perfect content and applying a suitable strategy, you monitor for Google updates. This can change the overall ranking factor of your website. However, PPC campaigns are devoid of any risks. When conducting a PC campaign, you don’t have to worry much as your success or downfall is not dependent on the evolutions of Google.

#4. Expect to get a high return on investment

Most businesses do not buy PPC ads to surpass their competitors in the market or to build their brand reputation. Instead, they invest in PPC ads to stimulate their audience to transform into actual customers. A study of 2020 proved that 74% of the brands who used PPC got immense traffic from PPC campaigns.

#5. Enhance brand recognition

According to the reports of a study conducted by LucidPress, if a brand presents consistently to its audience, it can increase its revenue by 33%. Of course, this does not mean using your brand logo now and then or creating aesthetically pleasing posts on Instagram. Instead, you have to ensure that people constantly talk about your brand and show interest in it.

#6. Real-time targeting of customers

To ensure that the correct niche audience is targeted, you have to schedule your PPC campaigns correctly. Provide the hours, demographics so that the campaign can target the right niche audience. With the PPC campaigns, the results can be measured and monitored. This helps in generating better content marketing and SEO strategies.

#7. Generate leads in nearby areas

Geo-targeting allows businesses to target only one particular area, such as a city or a region. The PPC campaign helps to draw more customers from that region that has been targeted by proximity.

#8. Improve SEO status with PPC data

The PPC campaign allows you to test the keywords you plan to use in the SEO strategies on a large scale. To ensure that you use the right set of keywords it is better to get them tested in PPC. The PPC keyword data will help you influence your organic search results.

#9. Achieve the most favorable spot in the locality

A study in 2020 revealed that searches that have ‘near me’ included in the search phrase have increased by 28%. People always search for options in their vicinity and this has turned into a habit due to the pandemic. So, they have to look for products and services readily available near them. Therefore, it is high time that you start considering the relevance of PPC for local businesses and branding.

#10. Benefit of retargeting

4.4% is the average conversion rate of Google ads. However, this does not mean that the remaining 95.6% of the visitors are lost. The most significant benefit from PPC is further retargeting 95.6% of the visitors. Retargeting means reminding your visitors that you care for them and can meet their needs.


So, it can be rightly said that pay per click is one of the most compelling and fast-paced marketing methods of boosting conversion rates. Although this is not the only marketing strategy you should consider, it is one of the most reliable and efficient strategies that can produce the desired results.

Author Bio

Alan Mathew is a content strategist at Brainvire Ecommerce PPC Agency, based in New York. He is a digital nomad, traveling the world while he builds beautiful WordPress websites for small and mid-sized businesses around the world. He enjoys web development, eCommerce programming, and plugin development.

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