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South Carolina SEO

Revolutionize Your Website’s SEO to Reach the Palmetto State’s Nearly Five Million Residents

Did You Know? There are now over 4,832,482 people living in South Carolina. Source: Wikipedia

We think you will love the way our South Carolina SEO company operates. It’s a little different from what you might expect, but it won’t take long for you to realize just how powerful, convenient, and even fun our approach to SEO is. Let us introduce you to the SEO services we offer and how they can turn your website into your company’s biggest source of business.

Our South Carolina SEO Company Listens to You

As our client, we want our SEO services to perfectly reflect the face of your company. We can’t do that to the best of our ability unless we spend some time learning about your business. Phone interviews, email, and other forms of communication help us find out from you what it is your company does best, what its unique appeal is, and how we can build on your current success. When we publish blogposts and articles on your behalf and reach your audience on Facebook and Twitter, we want to ensure that we are representing you exactly as you want us to.

Don’t be content with an underperforming website! Contact us to give it new life.

Our South Carolina SEO Company Talks to You

We bring a lot of experience in the field of SEO to the table. The exciting part of providing SEO services for your business is combining your area of expertise with ours and seeing the result. Here are some of the skills we’ve built over the years that help your company’s website become more visible to the customers you most want to reach:

  • Managing the technical aspects of web page development to boost search engine optimization
  • Providing informative, entertaining blog content to draw an audience
  • Gaining and keeping the attention of future customers on Facebook and other social media platforms
  • Refining the structure and content of your website to maximize its effectiveness

Our SEO Services are Flexible

One of the trickiest aspects of conducting SEO activity is that the landscape is constantly shifting. We keep an eye on current trends and search engine algorithm changes, altering content and procedures slightly to make sure your website doesn’t get left behind.

We also track the performance of your website on a constant basis. If we notice that it is falling behind for certain keyword searches or that your blog isn’t getting the attention we hoped for, we address the issue and make the necessary adjustments.

Please contact us today. We are excited about giving your website the support it needs to become truly great!


  • First, I want to say that PalmettoSoft is a great company to work with. Very hands-on and responsive and pro-active – I wish we had started together a few years ago! I TRULY appreciate all of the extra effort your team has put into my account.

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    PalmettoSoft has played an integral role in optimization of our website. The team took the time to understand our unique business model and is constantly offering suggestions in ways to garner more traffic to our website. Their up-to-date knowledge on SEO strategies has propelled our site to the 1st page of all the major search engines which in turn increases traffic to our site and dollars to our bottom line!

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  • Rhett, this Newsletter that PalmettoSoft developed for us looks awesome; you and your team crushed it.

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    Thanks for your service and it looks like we are making our way to number one on Google.

  • I'm excited about our new “Benefits Connection” page!!! LOOKS FANTASTIC!!!

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