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Social Media Optimization

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How Social Media Optimization Works:

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Did You Know? Facebook currently has over 1.37 billion users and Google+ features 345 million. Guess which platform Google prefers when considering search engine ranking from referral traffic? *Wink* Source: Pixlee.com

What Companies Should Use Social Media Optimization?

The widely varied benefits of social media optimization make it extremely valuable for nearly any kind of company. Social networking platforms have quickly gone beyond the basics of chatting and sharing pictures to offer unprecedented creative marketing possibilities for businesses with services and products to sell. If your company is interested in engaging with potential customers on the personal level, social media activity is a must.

SMO Deliverables — What You Get!
  • Account & custom URL setup
  • Business page creation
  • Business page linking
  • Article and blog content sharing
  • Connection building
  • Weekly content scheduling
  • Weekly content posting
  • Customer engagement

  • Account & custom URL setup
  • Fan page optimization
  • Weekly content scheduling
  • Weekly content posting
  • Connection building
  • Customer engagement
  • Article and blog content sharing
  • Expand brand visibility
  • Personalized approach
  • Ongoing digital marketing

  • Account & custom URL setup
  • Profile optimization
  • Weekly content scheduling
  • Weekly content posting
  • Connection building
  • Customer engagement
  • Article and blog content sharing
  • Building excitement about your brand
  • Reaching mobile users
  • Building a local following

  • Account & custom URL setup
  • Business page creat
  • Weekly content scheduling
  • Weekly content posting
  • Connection building
  • Customer engagement
  • Raising profile among professionals
  • Article and blog content sharing

  • Account setup
  • Profile page optimization
  • Weekly content scheduling
  • Weekly content posting
  • Connection building
  • Customer engagement
  • Give your company a “fun” image
  • Post your unique photos

What Can I Do to Optimize my Social Media Activity?

Many businesses make the mistake of assuming that simply having a Facebook page, Google+ profile, or Twitter account is sufficient to attract followers. But an account that is out of date, displays incorrect contact information/business hours, or consists exclusively of aggressive marketing tactics will actually drive people away. Social media optimization depends on:

  • Frequently updated content and accurate business information
  • A healthy mix of informational, entertaining, and marketing posts
  • Material that solicits likes, shares, and links from readers

When Should I Post, and How Often, for Social Media Optimization?

Consistency and posting frequency are very important in social media optimization. The more your posting activity appears in front of your contacts, the more likely it is that they will be reminded about you when they are in need of your services.

More importantly, though, your social media posts and Tweets generate important links and references to your main website. Abandoning social media accounts for weeks or months at a time is a missed opportunity to create these links.

What Social Media Platforms Should I Use?

Each social media site has a unique set of benefits for social media optimization. We use our detailed knowledge of these benefits to help you post the best content to each account and make the most of your activity.

  • acebook is by far the most popular platform, and offers the biggest audience for your posts.
  • However, activity on your Google+ account contributes most heavily to your website’s Google search page rankings.
  • Twitter is a great way to reach mobile users, particularly for location-based businesses.
  • LinkedIn is a network for professionals, offering opportunities to make valuable business contacts with potential clients.

Other popular social networking sites, such as Pinterest and Youtube, may provide additional opportunities to promote your company through pictures and video.

What Benefits Does Social Media Optimization Provide?

Social media optimization helps your website on two different levels: speaking to humans and speaking to search engines.

People increasingly use social media as a starting point to look for products and services—especially when they are looking to shop locally. A Facebook profile with contact information, photos, and plenty of interesting content to read can be just as effective as your company’s website. In fact, a customer may contact you directly after viewing your Google+ or Facebook profile without even visiting your website

Humans aren’t the only ones reviewing your social media profiles. Your posts generate likes, shares, and links from your readers. Search engines take those elements into consideration when calculating where your website should appear in the search rankings, and the more meaningful links it finds from social media, the better. In fact, we expect social media data to become even more important to search algorithms in the future.

How do You Conduct Social Media Optimization?

Running a successful social media optimization campaign takes experience, creativity, and time. We bring those elements to your campaign, combining them with your thorough knowledge of your industry and marketing audience. For each of our social media optimization clients, we:

  • Interview the client by phone and/or email occasionally to get industry-specific information for social media posts..
  • Tailor the social media platforms we post to, frequency of posts, and writing style to match the client’s business.
  • Closely monitor response to social media activity on a regular basis and make adjustments for best results.
  • Tie the client’s social media campaign into SEO, website design, and other Internet marketing efforts

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