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Three Trends of 2018: How Digital Marketing Will Evolve This Year

Three Trends of 2018: How Digital Marketing Will Evolve This Year


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It’s not hard to take a look backwards at the past year or several years and pinpoint the trends that you wish you had seen coming. If you had known that iPhones and smartphones would come to dominate the Internet browsing field, for example, you might have rushed to remodel your website and optimize it to load quickly and navigate easily on small screens. Getting ahead of the game is a tricky business, though, because many times it involves taking something of a gamble on someone’s predictions. We have three predictions about trends in 2018 that shouldn’t give you stomach ulcers, because they’re solidly based on what’s already started to happen in 2017 and earlier. Here are three ongoing developments in digital marketing that you can safely assume will be major factors shaping the industry this year.

Although they’re not really the same, we’re considering pay-per-click and Facebook advertising as a single trend. Both services are developing along the same lines, becoming more sophisticated in their ability to target audiences by demographics. They’re also becoming more profitable for advertisers, as more and more people look to search engines and Facebook as their primary sources for information of all different types. Companies that have so far ignored pay-per-click and have balked at the idea of paying to reach Facebook users will soon find themselves coming too late to the game to compete effectively in these critical fields.

There’s a strange disconnect between users and marketers when it comes to voice-activated search. Advertisers have largely avoided jumping into the deep end of optimizing for voice-activated search, probably because they don’t fully understand how to do it well. Holding back on expanding into this area is a mistake, however, as Google reports that 20% of all mobile searches are conducted by voice rather than typing a keyword query. No advertiser worth his salt would deliberately ignore 20% of his audience, and with the technology improving quickly, we can assume that by the end of 2018, that percentage will be a good deal higher.

You might have thought that despite all the changes in the field, one standard of SEO would stay the same: achieving the top search result on the Google search results pages is the ultimate goal. Sorry to disappoint you, but Google has opened the door to a whole new level of effectiveness in reaching customers on the search results pages. Unless you are exceptionally unobservant, you’ve noticed that the average search results page displays all kinds of information other than just a page title and short description for each listing. Depending on the type of search and the kinds of websites listed, you could see anything from pricing, reviews, stock prices, news snippets, phone numbers, hours of operation, current weather conditions, movie showtimes, and answers to questions you might have. In short, the trend is toward offering search users more information directly on the search results page, before they even click through to the actual website. If a search user can find the information they’re looking for about your company without even navigating to another website, they’ll be more likely to go ahead and call, email, or visit you than to spend more time investigating one of your competitors.

Obviously, providing this additional information in search results means communicating with Google and providing all of that information in the correct format. This is where an expert SEO team comes in, optimizing your website and setting up the search results that people will see when they search for keywords related to your business.

In fact, all of the trends we’ve mentioned in this podcast are ones that you can ride to success as long as you have an experienced, skilled, and highly responsive team at the head of your online marketing campaign. Shoot us an email or give us a call to learn more about how we can lead your website to digital marketing success in 2018.

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