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Google AdWords: Marketing at the Speed of the Internet

Google AdWords offers audience targeting capabilities and lead generation results never before seen in the world of advertising. Under the right leadership, you can take full advantage of this advertising power.

Why PalmettoSoft?

We design our AdWords campaigns to perfectly fit each of our clients’ unique sets of goals. Here’s what we bring to every project:

  • #1 Google Ranked SEO Company in South Carolina
  • 13 Years of experience
  • Experienced & skilled team
  • 98% customer satisfaction
  • Performance tracking
  • No hidden or long term contracts
  • Competitive pricing & packages

Let us Plan an Effective PPC Campaign for Your Business!

AdWords Process

We work closely with you to create your unique winning strategy.

Account Audit & Strategy

It all starts with a thorough understanding of what you’re doing, what’s working, and what needs work.

Keyword Research & Competitor Analysis

Understanding the AdWords landscape for your campaign’s keywords allows you to compete most effectively.

Ad Copy Writing & Optimization

The wording of your ads is critical for converting views into clicks.

Bid Optimization & Management

Use every AdWords budget dollar to its full potential.

Campaign Management & Expansion

Your manager helps you respond to campaign results to maximize ROI.

Reporting & Analysis

We keep you updated on how your campaign is performing and how it can be even greater.

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Advantages of PPC Advertising

With Google AdWords, you don’t pay to show your ads to your audience. You only pay when an individual clicks on one of your ads, ensuring that every dollar of your budget is spent on an actual valuable lead.

Immediate Results

The moment your campaign goes live, leads are generated—most clients see results within hours of campaign launch.

Only Pay for What You Get

Unlike broad-based media advertising, AdWords only charges you for ad clicks—that is, real leads.

Reach Your Targeted Audience

Your ads only appear to people who are already searching for your services.

Get More Conversions

Expertly designed landing pages guide leads toward sales conversions.

Explore Potential Markets

Use detailed metrics to determine your most profitable audiences and focus on reaching them.

Easy to Track, Control, & Manage

Advanced analytics give campaign managers complete control over every aspect of your AdWords efforts, maximizing your budget.

Request a PPC Audit

Already have a Google AdWords campaign in progress? Get our experts to audit it and see if you’re getting the best return on your investment.

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