Georgetown SEO

Georgetown SEO

Expand your audience through frequent, relevant, and valuable social media activity. Blogging, e-newsletters, and other expert content writing services are available.

We aim to be an SEO company in Georgetown, SC that doesn’t just do what you expect us to. We want you to be surprised and impressed by just how many services we provide and how effective they are for your Internet marketing campaign. With our Georgetown SEO services in place, your business can finally become a major player, not just through its primary website, but also as an industry expert on directory and informational sites, social media, and other avenues. Raising awareness of your business and building a great reputation are long-term projects, and we help you execute them while also engaging in shorter-term activities to get your website higher on the important search results pages.

Short-Term Georgetown SEO Practices

As your SEO consultant in Georgetown, we audit your website and tell you how our plan for optimizing it. This includes selecting the keyword phrases that will best reach a targeted audience in your location. Once your target keywords are established, we create landing pages, blog posts, and other types of content that highlight those keywords and get the attention of search engines. We also optimize the text that the public may not always see—page titles, meta descriptions, image tags, etc.—but that search engines rely on to find out what your website is all about.

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Long-Term Georgetown SEO Practices

In the longer term, our SEO services in Georgetown include ongoing efforts to build and maintain a network of links across the Internet. We may suggest writing industry articles and whitepapers in order to establish authority and to encourage readers to visit your website. We create social media accounts for your business and post to them on a regular basis to keep your name and services in front of your contacts. And we can maintain a blog on your website with new monthly content that shows the search engines that your website is being refreshed on a regular basis.

Other Important SEO Services in Georgetown

Depending on your budget and your desire to maximize your Internet marketing power, you may choose to have us provide other Georgetown SEO services for your company, including:

  • Creation of motion graphic videos to introduce your business or specific services to your audience through your website, social media, and email blasts
  • Launching a pay-per-click (Google AdWords) campaign to quickly grow website traffic
  • Redesigning your website for mobile-friendly and other considerations

Our Georgetown SEO experts are ready to help you not only raise your search page rankings in the short term, but to stick with you for the long haul and build a powerful Internet marketing strategy that will serve you well as your company grows and changes. Please call or email us today to learn more about our Georgetown SEO offerings.

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