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Landing Page Optimization

LPO is a process to optimize your landing pages for more conversions.

Check out our four part video series on how Landing Page Optimization works:

Landing Page Optinization

Landing Page Optimization

Landing page optimization is truly one of the primary elements of any effective SEO strategy. Your website’s landing pages are the tools that you use to reach out to potential customers based on what they’re looking for, instead of simply waiting for them to hear about your company and type in your website’s URL. Imagine being able to broadcast your TV commercial on someone’s individual set at the moment that they say out loud, “We really need a new sofa. I wonder where we can get one locally?” That’s how an optimized landing page works.

Five Major Elements of a Optimized Landing Page
  • A powerful headline
  • Clean, attractive, and user friendly design
  • Short and informative page content
  • Easy to fill contact form
  • An eye-catching clickable call-to-action button

Building an Optimized Landing Page

Landing page optimization is a multi-step process:

  • Keyword selection. What keyword phrases are search engine users typing to find the products and services that your company offers?
  • Content creation. Once a visitor “lands” on your landing page, you need to provide grammatically accurate, engaging, and clear written content that tells him exactly how you can help him.
  • Optimization of other elements. In addition to strategic keyword phrase and related keyword usage within the written content, we use many other tools—titles, tags, META descriptions, and even image descriptions and alternate descriptions—to make it crystal-clear to the search engine what each landing page is about.

A landing page that is fully optimized in this way will enjoy a huge advantage over competing pages that simply scatter a single keyword phrase throughout their written copy.

  • Funneling the visitor to the main body of the website. The ultimate goal of landing page design is to move the visitor off the landing page and onto the core pages of the website. The landing page should also feature a simple, attractive button inviting the visitor to email or live chat with a representative.

Taking Landing Page Optimization Further

The landing page optimization process is flexible enough to fit within nearly any company’s marketing model. For businesses that primarily serve a local audience, keyword phrases can include state and city designations—imagine a search engine user typing in “discount sofa Columbia SC,” for instance.

Occasionally, the public may use an “unofficial” term to describe a company’s product. Many people use the phrase “herbal teas,” for example, to refer to tea products that do not technically fall into that category. An optimized landing page allows the company to reach out to those searchers, using the unofficial term on that landing page but then directing the visitor to the main website, where the industry-correct terminology is used.

The Results

To give you an idea of what landing page optimization does for a website, here are the current search page rankings for a few of PalmettoSoft.com’s own landing pages, optimized for the state of South Carolina and some of its larger metro areas.

Keyword Landing Page URL Google Search Page Rank
South Carolina SEO http://www.palmettosoft.com/south-carolina-seo-company/ 1
Hilton Head SEO http://www.palmettosoft.com/hilton-head-seo-company/ 1
Columbia SEO http://www.palmettosoft.com/columbia-seo-company 2
Charleston SEO http://www.palmettosoft.com/charleston-seo-company 5
Greenville SEO http://www.palmettosoft.com/greenville-seo-company/ 5

Adding optimized landing pages to your website is one of the most important steps that you can take toward boosting its search engine performance. Get in touch with us today for a keyword analysis. People are searching for your products…make sure you offer a landing page for them to find!

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