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Think You Don’t Need SEO? Think Again.

What is your company missing out on by not working with an SEO consultant in Beaufort? More than you might think. Digital advertising is changing and growing at a very fast rate, and if your company is stuck in the days of simply putting a five-page website out there and waiting for people to come to it, it just won’t see much success. If you are truly interested in reaching the many people that live in and visit Beaufort, SEO isn’t just an option for you—it’s a necessity. Here are a few reasons why.

SEO Services in Beaufort Get You onto Mobile Devices

The percentage of people who use mobile devices like smartphones and tablets to search for information online is high and still climbing. A basic website that is not optimized for mobile devices is doomed to be left far behind the competition; that’s because Google recently altered its algorithm to penalize websites that are not mobile-friendly. An SEO company in Beaufort, SC is the partner you need to quickly renovate your website and make it look great on the small screen as well as the computer monitor.

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Beaufort SEO Makes You Visible

The typical Google searcher rarely clicks through to the third page of search results, let alone subsequent pages. If your website is to claim any share of the potential customers using the Internet, it must appear within the first two pages of search results for the keywords that best reflect your services. A Beaufort SEO company that relies on responsible, proven methods can quickly move your website up in the rankings and make it visible to the people that are interested in what you have to offer.

Beaufort SEO Gives You a Voice

One thing many business owners do not realize is that they are reaching far fewer people online than they could be. Blogging, press releases, e-newsletters, and consistent, informative social media posting are very effective ways to communicate, but beyond the expertise of most small businesses. Our content writing services and social media optimization help you expand your online audience and direct more people to your website by providing content that they can really use.

Work with an Experienced SEO Company in Beaufort, SC

Don’t waste your time working with an SEO company in Beaufort, SC that is still learning the ropes, or one that promises instant results without telling you how they do it. There is no substitute for an SEO campaign that provides both the search engines and human users with high quality content and ongoing improvement. Shortcuts may yield quick results, but it doesn’t take long for the search engines to catch on and penalize those websites, leaving you further behind than when you started.

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  • First, I want to say that PalmettoSoft is a great company to work with. Very hands-on and responsive and pro-active – I wish we had started together a few years ago! I TRULY appreciate all of the extra effort your team has put into my account.

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    PalmettoSoft has played an integral role in optimization of our website. The team took the time to understand our unique business model and is constantly offering suggestions in ways to garner more traffic to our website. Their up-to-date knowledge on SEO strategies has propelled our site to the 1st page of all the major search engines which in turn increases traffic to our site and dollars to our bottom line!

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  • Rhett, this Newsletter that PalmettoSoft developed for us looks awesome; you and your team crushed it.

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    Thanks for your service and it looks like we are making our way to number one on Google.

  • I'm excited about our new “Benefits Connection” page!!! LOOKS FANTASTIC!!!

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