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Is Content Really King?

How Copywriting Services Work:

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Did You Know? Content is extremely important in SEO and forms the basis of On-The-Page factors to include “quality, research, words, fresh, vertical and answers.”
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No Shortcuts! Keep Visitors’ Attention With Great Written Content

If you question whether the written content on your website is really that important, consider this: Google now gives two factors an immense amount of attention when ranking competing websites in its search results:

  • Visitor Stay Time
  • Bounce Rate

Visitor Stay Time is easy to define: it’s the average amount of time that a visitor stays on your website once he has arrived there (usually via a keyword search). Attractive graphic design is important, but it’s the written content—what your website actually says—that determines whether a visitor stays to find out more or quickly leaves to find a site with more information to offer.

Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who leave the web page that their search lands them on (or “bounce” away) instead of clicking to another page of your website. Again, if the visitor sees that your website has lots of valuable information, he will venture further into the site. However, if the page he lands on is all style and no substance, he has no reason to think that the other pages on the site will offer anything more.

Blogposts, e-newsletters, and solid web page content contribute in a huge way to both of these factors, keeping visitors on your website longer and encouraging them to find out what else the site has to offer them. External blogs, industry articles, and press releases funnel visitors to your site from external websites and also generate lots of links to your site—another primary factor in great search engine optimization.

All of the (5) content types mentioned are available as part of a “complete SEO package.” In addition, we provide them a la carte in order to best serve each unique client. For more information on how substantial, professionally written content can boost your website’s traffic and search rankings, give us a call or email us now.

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