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A Big, Scary Question for Myrtle Beach SEO

We normally try to avoid big, scary questions. That’s because we suspect that the answers are going to push us toward making changes in the routines and behaviors with which we have become so comfortable. But if you can muster up the courage to confront a big, scary question that you know you really should address, after you have worked through the uncomfortable answer you just may find yourself miles ahead of where you were before…and ready to face the future with much more confidence.
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Top Five Tools for Better Collaboration with Your Clients

Whether you are working on a large-scale or small-scale project, all your effort will fall flat unless you nurture your client communication. After all, the outcome of your project heavily depends on your client’s feedback. Keeping a good communication flow with your client will not only help you deliver positive results, but will also help you build trust and develop long-lasting relationships and collaboration on many projects to come.
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The Top SEO Rules To Remember When Writing

It’s no secret that you’ve got to master the search engines if you want to get seen online. If you’re not on the first page of results, then you may as well be invisible. As a new or small business, this can feel rather intimidating to say the least. You can get there, though, if you know the rules of SEO. Here are the top SEO rules you should know and how to use them in your content.
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Columbia SEO: When NOT to Listen to Google

In the past, the relationship between search engine optimization companies and Google was somewhat adversarial. The basic idea seemed to be that SEOs would find creative ways to vault their clients’ web pages to the top of the search results, Google would find and close the loophole in its system, and the process would start over again. Today, things are much more reasonable. Someone offering great Columbia SEO concentrates on raising the overall quality of his client’s website, showing Google exactly what the site is all about, and responsibly cultivating relationships with other websites that show Google that real people find his client’s site useful. In fact, ever since Google started communicating with SEO providers directly, some of those providers have grown to rely on Google for advice on SEO strategy. That’s usually a good idea, but sometimes it pays to adopt a cautious or even skeptical attitude toward Google’s official statements. Here are a few examples:
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It’s Time to Ask Your Greenville SEO Company About AdWords

As a Greenville SEO company, it’s not our purpose to have our clients invest in every type of online marketing technique that’s out there. One of the main reasons people choose to work with us is so that we can assess their business and tell them which SEO methods are likely to have the most effect for lead generation and getting their message out. It’s not about reaching the biggest audience you can; it’s about reaching the best audience. And in our book, pay-per-click is one of those SEO services that not every company would do well to engage in all the time. That being said, Google AdWords, by far the biggest pay-per-click service out there, is currently in the middle of a transformation. The huge changes that the service’s managers are making to the AdWords system demand that any company interested in reaching targeted audiences with its message give it a second look. Here’s why it’s time to ask your Greenville SEO company about AdWords:
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Three Surprising Mobile Trends that Affect Local SEO in Jacksonville

Every time you turn on the television, it seems there is a commercial for a new groundbreaking, game-changing technology for mobile devices. A cell phone that can survive attacks by power tools; virtual reality attachments that transform your phone into a personal theater; new records in terms of device size and weight—and the list goes on. These mobile trends, when taken together, make it obvious that local SEO in Jacksonville and other areas will continue to become more important over the coming years. As people upgrade to more powerful mobile devices, they will spend more time shopping and searching online with them. But in this post, we want to focus on three rather surprising trends that, in a more specific way, will make it more important than ever that you have an experienced Jacksonville SEO company on your side.

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How Backlinks Benefit Local SEO in Florida

If you’ve been browsing various websites for companies that provide local SEO in Florida, one of the terms you’ve probably come across is backlinks. If you did, you probably skipped over it, assuming that it is a technical coding term that only the experts really understand. Backlinks aren’t that hard to understand, though, and as the client of an SEO company, it can be valuable for you to know the basics about them. You’ll get a better grasp of what your local Florida SEO company is doing for your business, and you’ll be able to spot whether they are doing something fishy that may put your website in danger of being penalized. Here’s a quick description of backlinks, why they’re so important, and how search engines (Google in particular) continue to refine their view of them.

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South Carolina SEO: Are You Being Bullied into Using a Certain Search Engine?

You exercise your rights to make a lot of choices online every day. You choose which news website you want to visit to catch up on what’s going on the world, you decide what email provider you want to use, and you select your favorite search engine to find information of all kinds. But that last choice might not be as free as you think it is. One of the biggest trends in the fierce competition between Google, Bing, and Yahoo!’s search engines is one that flies under the radar of most users. Depending on the device and operating system that you use, you may be bullied—or maybe “forcefully nudged” is a more accurate term—into using one search engine rather than the other choices. Here’s how Microsoft and Google, in particular, are using the powerful tool of defaults to give their search engines the edge.

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Meet Fred, the Newest Google Algorithm Update

At the tail end of February 2017, Google made a major set of adjustments to the way its search engine ranks keyword search results. As with every algorithm update, professionals in the search engine optimization field promptly came up with a catchy nickname for it. After all, calling it the “February 2017 update” would get old after a while. This time around, a Google spokesman responded to a question about the update’s name by joking that we should just call it “Fred,” presumably the biggest contrast he could think of to previous colorful nicknames like Hummingbird, Panda, and Penguin. In any case, SEO experts seem to love the name! Here’s our brief introduction to Fred and what he’s been doing around the Internet since he was let loose at the end of February.
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Why Do We Use Themes?

Here at PalmettoSoft, we primarily provide search engine optimization (SEO) services: that is, analyzing and revising a website’s content, links, and structure in order to help its pages perform as well as possible in keyword searches. However, we also provide web design services, which can be extremely helpful for a company that doesn’t yet have a website (or one that has a far-outdated one that requires a complete overhaul). That’s because the optimal time to begin SEO activities is during the web design process itself. Building in keyword optimization, great link networks, and a user-friendly navigation structure during the website’s construction is much quicker and more cost-effective than applying those activities after the website is already built.
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