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South Florida Internet Marketing: Europe vs. Google

Google, needless to say, is immensely popular around the world. In Europe, the search engine serves 90% of the users looking for information online. Despite that popularity, Google is not so popular among the officials of the European Union. Recently, the EU Parliament has taken several actions that threaten major implications for the way Google and other search engines operate globally. Those implications could easily affect south Florida Internet marketing before too long.

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Florida Internet Marketing: the SEO Treadmill

On January 1, something will happen that would be very confusing to alien observers. Suddenly, millions of people around the world will catch the “exercise bug.” Seemingly without coordination, people who previously displayed little interest in their physical health will start jogging, attending the gym, and buying expensive equipment. That’s right—it’s New Year’s resolution time! The image of the treadmill, one of the most popular items associated with exercising, reminds online marketing companies in Florida how good SEO works. Will your website thrive this year, or will it taper off and disappear like so many New Year’s resolutions do?

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