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Our take on the most important current SEO topics

Search Engine Submission

Websites that want to be indexed immediately need to be submitted to the search engines. There are two main methods for doing this:  1. Manual submission where each page is submitted to a particular engine via, for example Google Webmaster Tools and an XML Sitemap. Special note #1:  Google Webmaster Tools requires an account to be created—and Yahoo! and Bing require the same. 2. Mass submission where the URL home page is submitted to a large number of search engines. Read More Search Engine Submission

Social Media Profile Creation

Social media profiles give you the opportunity to build brand awareness, talk to the public and also can establish you as an industry expert. You can brand yourself or your business by setting up a profile and uploading a picture and/or logo. Another very important thing to do is interconnect your other social media channels so your message is carried to a larger audience. These days, almost everyone has some form of interaction with a social media channel. Read More Social Media Profile Creation

Video Promotions

Video promotion is growing fast
One of the fast growing segments of the Internet is Video Promotions. The growth is very understandable when you consider the ever increasing bandwidth gains and corresponding technology that continues to evolve with it. Video not only looks cool, but it brings a more personalized message to the website visitor. Think about it. Imagine somebody reading text on a page vs. seeing you actually talking to them. Read More Video Promotions

Facebook Promotions

Facebook is the world’s most popular free social networking website and currently has around 1.15 billion users in the world across 37 different languages. The free website enables users to talk to family, friends, colleagues, interest groups and other organizations. For SEO reasons, I am mainly going to discuss the benefits of a business page rather than a personal one. Read More Facebook Promotions

Twitter Promotion

In July 2006, the online social networking website Twitter was launched. The concept behind Twitter is for users to have the ability to quickly blast short messages (up to 140 text based characters) and to also follow other members. In 2012, the network reported over 500 million users with an average of 340 million messages, or “tweets,” per day. Read More Twitter Promotion


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