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Will AMPs Affect My Anderson SEO?

Just when you thought the Google algorithm updates, mobile optimization push, and other major shifts to your Anderson SEO strategy were behind you, here comes another big development: Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages, most often referred to as AMP.

A lot of Google’s updates are focused on correcting parts of the ranking algorithm that the experts feel don’t best serve the searcher—corrections like penalizing duplicate content and rewarding websites with frequent updates. But the introduction of AMPs is different. It’s an effort to provide a specific audience (users of the Internet on mobile devices) with an improved search experience. That audience is very important due to its large and growing size, and Google wants to make sure that it uses its search engine instead of its competitors’. Here is an overview of what AMPs mean and how they might change the way you approach your Anderson SEO plans.

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Tallahassee SEO: Facebook’s Metric Problems Continue

We all know that you can’t trust everything you read on the Internet. It’s just too easy for someone to post “facts,” sound professional and reputable, and even quote dubious sources to give their claims an air of truth. As we are now finding out through the ongoing troubles with Facebook’s advertising and news programs, it is also easy for a large, popular website to be less than truthful with the millions of folks who interact with it on a daily basis. Now, additional revelations about Facebook’s advertising policies in particular show that the website’s metric mistakes—whether intentional or not—have likely cost its advertising partners a lot of money. Here’s your Tallahassee SEO consultant’s take on the situation:

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Your Local SEO Strategy: Mobile Friendly vs. Mobile Optimized

“Mobile friendly” and “mobile optimization” sound similar enough that they could refer to pretty much the same thing. But just like the terms “organic,” “all-natural,” and “farm fresh” don’t always mean what you think they do at the grocery store, the terms that your SEO consultant uses for mobile SEO services can be fairly confusing. Our goal today is to give you a better idea of what these two terms mean specifically, and help you out as you decide which one your local SEO strategy really needs.
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Savannah SEO Deals with Two Google Algorithm Updates

In the past month, Savannah SEO companies found themselves trying to “reverse-engineer” two major updates to Google’s vast ranking algorithms. We all know that, in the end, the online community will benefit from a search engine that is better at spotting spam, more logical in its ranking of web pages in order of usefulness to human users, and able to quickly adapt to new web development trends. But the morning after a big algorithm update takes effect, it can feel much more like a headache than a step forward. Web pages that were previously enjoying high rankings may suddenly drop or disappear, causing panic on the part of those clients. With the double update in September, both organic search and local search were affected in different ways, meaning that there were two separate issues for Savannah SEO consultants to deal with. Multiply that fact by a number of different clients, and it’s easy to see why September and October have been a rather busy few months for those in the SEO world!
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Link Tips from Your Anderson SEO Expert

In the world of the Internet, links are everywhere. Just think about the number of times that you reach a website you want to visit by typing in its URL and hitting “enter.” Alternately, think about the number of times that you just click on a link to reach a website, whether that link is on a Google search results page, another website, a Facebook post, an emailed marketing message, a Tweet…and the list goes on. Links are very important for your website, and in today’s post, your local Anderson SEO expert provides some tips on how to make the most of them—and what mistakes you should avoid at all costs.
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Why You Should Be Happy the Google Penguin Update Is Taking So Long

It would be absolutely mind-boggling if someone were able to compile all the text that has been spilled across forums, blogs, and comment sections about Penguin 4.0. For well over a year now, SEO experts (and those who pretend to be) have been making predictions about the final Penguin update—what it will do, how it will be different from previous versions, when it will hit the Google search algorithm, and whether it has already hit and Google just didn’t tell us. As frenzied as the discussions get and as anxious as people are to find out when Penguin 4.0 will take effect, let’s remember something important:
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Facebook’s Continued Evolution…And Why It Matters for SEO

Facebook is only twelve years old. The social media website has certainly made its mark on the world in that short amount of time, to the point that it gets mentioned in news articles about nearly any major event that occurs around the world. Law enforcement agencies scrutinize terrorists’ activity following attacks; relief efforts rely on Facebook friend networks for quick fundraising; and concerned family members are almost as likely to send a Facebook message as they are to make a phone call to find out whether their loved ones are all right during a hurricane or earthquake.
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Peeling the Spartanburg SEO “Link Onion”

Link building is one of the most important Spartanburg SEO activities, from the standpoint of achieving high search page rankings for your website for the long term. Unfortunately for most business owners, it’s also perhaps the most complex and confusing! No blogpost could adequately explain all of the ins and outs of link building, but an overview in the form of an onion can help. Starting at the outside, go with us as your SEO expert in Spartanburg, SC peels back the layers of this important and constantly changing SEO technique.
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Visualizing Myrtle Beach SEO

A human being is an extremely visual creature. We rely, of course, on our other four senses heavily, but our vision is the primary method that most of us use to get around, learn, and make sense of the world around us. If we understand what that means in a little more detail, we can use that understanding to improve our Myrtle Beach SEO efforts. If that sounds funny at first, let’s give it a little background and it will start to make more sense. Here goes:
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Is Your SEO Strategy Really Working?

SEO is a continuous process that can really affect your business. This means that you need to stay on top of your SEO strategy at all times to ensure that your strategy is working in your favor no matter what changes Google makes. If you are not sure whether or not your SEO strategy is really working, here are some tips to help you sort it all out.

Measure Your Organic Traffic With an Analytics Tool

The ultimate goal of SEO is to get more organic traffic to your website. Therefore, if your SEO strategy is actually working, you should see an increase in organic traffic to your site over time. Analytics tools can offer valuable insight into your website by providing you with detailed information on your site visitors and their behaviors. Track your traffic on a monthly and annual basis. You should also optimize your SEO strategy to decrease bounce rates and increase the amount of time spent by visitors on your website. Read More Is Your SEO Strategy Really Working?


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