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Visualizing Myrtle Beach SEO

A human being is an extremely visual creature. We rely, of course, on our other four senses heavily, but our vision is the primary method that most of us use to get around, learn, and make sense of the world around us. If we understand what that means in a little more detail, we can use that understanding to improve our Myrtle Beach SEO efforts. If that sounds funny at first, let’s give it a little background and it will start to make more sense. Here goes:
Read More Visualizing Myrtle Beach SEO

Is Your SEO Strategy Really Working?

SEO is a continuous process that can really affect your business. This means that you need to stay on top of your SEO strategy at all times to ensure that your strategy is working in your favor no matter what changes Google makes. If you are not sure whether or not your SEO strategy is really working, here are some tips to help you sort it all out.

Measure Your Organic Traffic With an Analytics Tool

The ultimate goal of SEO is to get more organic traffic to your website. Therefore, if your SEO strategy is actually working, you should see an increase in organic traffic to your site over time. Analytics tools can offer valuable insight into your website by providing you with detailed information on your site visitors and their behaviors. Track your traffic on a monthly and annual basis. You should also optimize your SEO strategy to decrease bounce rates and increase the amount of time spent by visitors on your website. Read More Is Your SEO Strategy Really Working?

Are Algorithms About to Be Replaced by Something Completely Different?

The word “algorithm” might be one that many people can’t spell, pronounce, or define, but it has become a commonplace term in the online business world. Nearly anyone in the tech industry knows that an algorithm is the complicated set of rules that a search engine uses to rank the thousands of web pages that match a user’s keyword phrase search. Over the years, engineers have added layers of detail, expanded the range of language capability, and honed the accuracy of these algorithms to an amazing degree. But a new approach to processing keyword searches just might spell the end for even the most complex of these mathematical rule systems. Read More Are Algorithms About to Be Replaced by Something Completely Different?

A Landing Page Primer from Your Georgetown SEO

One of the most profitable changes that a Georgetown SEO consultant can make to a new client’s website is to add a few landing pages to it. This is a practice that doesn’t occur to most people outside the web design industry, but it is a very effective one—in fact, it’s one of the first things we do when we begin the process of helping a client’s website start climbing the search page rankings. Today, we’d like to give you a quick, basic education on what this great tool is and what benefits it can provide once you implement it into your online marketing strategy. Read More A Landing Page Primer from Your Georgetown SEO

Savannah SEO: The Case for YouTube Channels

Here at PalmettoSoft, we’ve been thinking a lot lately about YouTube. To the average guy or gal relaxing at home in the evening, YouTube might primarily be a fun way to catch up on the latest viral amateur videos, watch the hottest pop stars’ new music videos, or—for those who are more artistic and serious in nature—find out how beginning filmmakers are pushing the boundaries of art these days. But we’re always thinking in terms of Internet marketing, and it is our firm opinion that YouTube represents one of the most important potential tools for marketing available today. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most ignored, because of a few misconceptions. Here are a few of our thoughts, making the case for YouTube channels as a major part of your company’s Savannah SEO campaign. Read More Savannah SEO: The Case for YouTube Channels

Where is Anderson SEO Headed in 2016?

It’s natural to think of January 1 as a new beginning, even though practically speaking, it’s the same as any other day. We’ll give in to the temptation, though, as we give our thoughts on what trends will be important and which ones won’t in the coming new year. A lot has happened in 2015 to shake up the SEO landscape, and we anticipate that 2016 will be the same way. Is your SEO company in Anderson, SC ready to make adjustments as needed to keep your website’s pages near the top of your most critical keyword search results? Read More Where is Anderson SEO Headed in 2016?

A Few Myrtle Beach SEO Gift Ideas for Your Company

As you compile your annual Christmas gift list, don’t forget to add your company! What exactly would your business like to receive this year? Well, every nice Christmas gift is something that is useful, thoughtful, and hopefully at least a little bit fun. There are lots of Myrtle Beach SEO services that fit those descriptions, and a few of them might be just right for your company. If you would like to do something really special for your business this year (and for your profits in 2016), consider these thoughtful gift ideas that you won’t find at your local shopping mall—they’re only available through your trusted Myrtle Beach SEO company. Read More A Few Myrtle Beach SEO Gift Ideas for Your Company

Why Charleston SEO Content Writing is More Important than Ever

Two trends in the business world are combining to put many companies in a tough position as they try to reach customers online. The worst part is that many times, those companies don’t realize just how far behind their competitors they are falling because of these trends, and they don’t know what their options are for solving the problem. The two trends in question are these:

1. In an age of casual email/texting and visual-based communication, strong writing skills are becoming hard to find. Many small companies simply don’t have anyone on staff with the ability to compose long-form content with impeccable English, clarity, and attention-getting language. Read More Why Charleston SEO Content Writing is More Important than Ever

Details of the Mobile Revolution: Their Effects on Greenville, SC SEO

At the beginning of September, Google grabbed a few headlines with its fifth official logo redesign. It triggered the predictable arguing over whether the logo looks better or worse than the previous one, minute focusing on the angles and edges of the lettering, and endless analysis of the logo’s color scheme. While it would be easy to dismiss the logo change as a gimmick, the truth is that the comprehensive change does represent Google’s shift in focus from mainly desktop to multi-device service. There are plenty of other changes in the same direction, and they all impact the way Greenville, SC SEO should be done in today’s online environment. Read More Details of the Mobile Revolution: Their Effects on Greenville, SC SEO

Is Myrtle Beach Web Design Dead? (Part One of Two)

Have you heard the rumors about web design? Some people are saying that it’s losing its vitality…getting weaker…in fact, a few experts even claim that it’s dead already. Well, there have been plenty of false rumors about the death of different people over the years, and it seems that this is one of those false rumors. But why did this rumor arise in the first place? It’s worth our time to look at the very real facts that have some experts jumping to the wrong conclusion about web design. Read More Is Myrtle Beach Web Design Dead? (Part One of Two)


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