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The Microsoft Surface laptop

How Backlinks Benefit Local SEO in Florida

By Rhett DeMille

If you’ve been browsing various websites for companies that provide local SEO in Florida, one of the terms you’ve probably come across is backlinks. If you did, you probably skipped over it, assuming...

The Microsoft Surface laptop

South Carolina SEO: Are You Being Bullied...

By Rhett DeMille

You exercise your rights to make a lot of choices online every day. You choose which news website you want to visit to catch up on what’s going on the world, you decide what email provider you want to...

Google Algorithm Update

Meet Fred, the Newest Google Algorithm Update

By Rhett DeMille

At the tail end of February 2017, Google made a major set of adjustments to the way its search engine ranks keyword search results. As with every algorithm update, professionals in the search engine optimization...


What to Do When Hummingbirds and...

By PalmettoSoft

You’re listening to the PalmettoSoft podcast. Thanks for joining us, and we hope the broadcast will help you keep up with what’s happening today in search engine optimization, web design, and other online marketing topics.

Google Panda Updates

Google Panda Update (Part 4 of 4)

By PalmettoSoft

The fourth in our four-part video series on Google's Panda update. For a year and a half, Google slowly refined Panda's effects and also implemented several other major algorithm changes.

Search Engine Optimization In South Carolina

SEO in South Carolina—Maximum Results, Minimal Expense

We are a full service search engine optimization company with offices in Charleston and Columbia, in South Carolina. We specialize in serving customers across the Palmetto State with proven SEO techniques, creative web design, effective pay-per-click campaigns, and other services. In addition, we make full use of communication and file-sharing software to serve clients with their SEO, PPC, and SMO needs across the nation.

Our Charleston SEO Office

Our operations are based in the beautiful seaside city of Charleston, SC. SEO services are invaluable for Charleston, Myrtle Beach, and Hilton Head businesses looking to reach the potential customers, and our central location allows us to stay in close contact with our clients in these busy regions.

Our Columbia SEO Office

From our Columbia office, we help companies in Columbia, Greenville, Rock Hill, and beyond as they seek to reach the millions of potential customers located right in their neighborhoods. Our clients love our responsive, friendly attitude; honesty; and flexible approach to web development and SEO.
For ten years, PalmettoSoft has been providing clients with expert-level SEO services at prices that are extremely competitive when compared with other top shelf SEO companies. Our streamlined system has been refined over the years to give our clients the results they expect in the shortest time, for the lowest price, and with the least effort possible on their part.

All Your SEO Services in One Place

Analytics, technical coding, keyword research, campaign management—doing SEO the right way is simply beyond the time and resources of most companies. We specialize in managing all of the details for you so that you can focus on what your business does best. Our partnership allows your company to easily maintain a vibrant social media life, blog frequently, refresh its website’s content, and conduct other Internet marketing activities to achieve better-than-ever online customer traffic.


Search engine optimization is the key to getting your website to the top of the search page rankings and keeping it there. Find out how we do it.

Local SEO

Locally based companies dramatically increase their traffic when they optimize for their geographic location. This approach is particularly effective...

Pay Per Click

Pay per click is the most effective paid advertising strategy available. A skillfully designed PPC campaign will give your website an incredible traffic boost in return...

Social Media Optimization

Don’t wait for visitors to find your site! Reach out to them on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and other popular social media platforms.

Website Design

We help you make your website more attractive to readers, more effective in converting visitors to customers, and more mobile-friendly.


If you question whether the written content on your website is really that important, consider this: Google now gives two factors an immense amount of attention...

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Clients We’re Proud To Have Worked With

At PalmettoSoft, we work closely with medium and small size businesses to deliver professional website applications that feature high visitor usability and conversion. Below are just a few of the clients we have worked with. If you would like more information on how we can help your organization, please contact us today!


  • First, I want to say that PalmettoSoft is a great company to work with. Very hands-on and responsive and pro-active – I wish we had started together a few years ago! I TRULY appreciate all of the extra effort your team has put into my account.

    Buy Promos Online

    PalmettoSoft has played an integral role in optimization of our website. The team took the time to understand our unique business model and is constantly offering suggestions in ways to garner more traffic to our website. Their up-to-date knowledge on SEO strategies has propelled our site to the 1st page of all the major search engines which in turn increases traffic to our site and dollars to our bottom line!

    Clinical List America
  • Rhett, this Newsletter that PalmettoSoft developed for us looks awesome; you and your team crushed it.

    Power Only Transit

    Thanks for your service and it looks like we are making our way to number one on Google.

  • I'm excited about our new “Benefits Connection” page!!! LOOKS FANTASTIC!!!

    Complete Employee Services

    From all us at Nano Environmental Solutions, we truly appreciate your commitment to us and the digital recognition we are working to provide to our customers through PalmettoSoft's guidance.

    Nano Environmental Solutions

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